Green Initiative



What’s In A Word…?


There’s been a lot of talk about Green these days, most of it relating to a new approach to environmental conservation. Today, environmentalism doesn’t just deal with habitat preservation or saving endangered animals…Today’s environmentalism also deals with something else that’s green: Money.

Sustainability is the term that’s been coined to encompass a wide variety of energy and resource conservation techniques that are both good for the environment and good for the wallet. Here in the Inland Empire this approach will be critical in the urban planning process—as our population promises to grow and our resources diminish.

KVCR is partnering with a local leader in the Sustainable Urban Development movement to bring you locally-produced programs—on both our radio and TV stations—that capture the stories of the people, companies and organizations that are contributing to this effort here in the Inland Empire. To compliment that, we’ll also offer a number of other nationally-distributed programs that feature “green-related” topics.

Because the Inland Empire is one of the fastest growing and most populated urban areas in the country, the efforts to “build smart” here will be seen as a model for years to come. KVCR too, hopes to become a model public television station, one that brings topical and informative programs on the sustainability movement as it takes shape in our community. So stayed tuned, there’s more GREEN to come!!