What Our Viewers are Saying about KVCR!
How about you? #ILoveKVCR

I love KVCR because you carry other programs that the primary PBS station in our area does not carry! -Dorothy

I love KVCR, for its educational programs! I got a lot of information that helped me out.... - Joel

It's continuous showing of Vera. I was glad to see the original author, Anne Cleeves interviewed on Well Read. -Frank

I am so thrilled about anytime I need a pick me up, there is concert on. when I plan a trip to Europe , I have Rick Steve's to look forward to - Tammy

I love KVCR because there are so many wonderful programs for children as well as adults. I look forward to see the week-end schedule and record many interesting programs. I really like when there are some musical ones scheduled. - Loraine

I love KVCR because of the programs like Victoria and Home Fires also the music programs like the 50's and love songs. I also love IL Volo Notte Magica keep up the great work. - Arlene

I love everything that this station broadcast, plain and simple.... - Lawrence

I love KVCR PBS not only as a viewer, but as an independent producer of television travel shows. As a viewer, KVCR provides an invaluable service by not only broadcasting national and international programming, but local programming that would not be broadcast otherwise.

- Steve

I love KVCR PBS because you see shows you don't see anywhere else...from wonderful music shows to documentary shows that are enlightening, meaningful, and just wonderful entertainment. When I sit down to watch TV I turned to PBS first and foremost. Wonderful programming! - Debbie

I love KVCR because they are my local PBS station here in Southern California. KVCR provides programs that I use to educate not only to remind myself of our history as Americans but to enlighten my grandchild on what has happened, and the fact that history will repeat itself, if we don't actively try to continue to make changes. - Shelby

WE LOVE KVCR! We are (to my knowledge) the furthest paying members which help support KVCR. We live in Ventura County, 104 miles from the studio, and have previously visited your studio to meet the staff. We love KVCR because you continue to show the Historical Documentaries that we enjoy sooo much.

- Michael

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