Painting the Wyland Way: Live in Studio


"Deep Blue Dolphin Sea"


Painting the Wyland Way: Live in Studio

As the title of this program implies, it is an instructional art program taped in a live classroom-studio environment. This casual setting allows the artist to lead the conversation during a creative and

philosophical journey into the undersea world of the dolphin,

experienced through the eyes of a diver.


Wyland's message, reflected throughout his art, is one which delights in the beauty of our watery planet and urges us to recognize our role in maintaining the fragile balance of the Earth's

ecosystems above and below the water. 


He maintains galleries in Florida, California and Hawaii, where he finds inspiration for much of his work.  The natural progression of Wyland's life has placed him in front of a new and appreciative audience with Wyland's Art Studio, seen on viewer supported public television.


This DVD includes:

-Wyland's personal instruction for "Deep Blue Dolphin Sea"

-A Conversation with Wyland at his home in Laguna, California



Painting The Wyland Way 01 - Wyland on his studio balcony 

Painting The Wyland Way 02 - Wyland's class demonstration 

Painting The Wyland Way 03 - Participant in the Wyland painting class 

Painting The Wyland Way 04 - Wyland painting with class participants looking on 

Painting The Wyland Way 05 - Wyland with pledge co-host Lillian Vasquez 

Painting The Wyland Way 06 - Finished project, "Deep Blue Dolphin Sea"