Secrets of Highclere Castle:

Highclere Castle was originally built in 1842 and has been host to an ensemble of illustrious former inhabitants, including a fabulously wealthy heiress and a real life Indiana Jones who made one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world. In the early twenty first century Highclere was badly in need of repair. Water damage had caused structural collapse and 50 rooms were uninhabitable. Contractors had estimated it would cost around twelve million pounds to fix. The owners of Highclere had considered destroying the home altogether but then, a couple of TV producers asked the owners of this house if they could tape a show called "Downton Abbey" here. The success of the series has created a huge tourism business for Highclere and the money received was enough to restore the castle to it's original fairy tale glory. This is the behind the scenes story of the one of the England's most spectacular country houses.

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