Rick Dulock - Program Director - KVCR FM

Rick Dulock is originally from Gainesville, Florida. He fell in love with NPR as a student board operator for 91.9 KVCR in 1996 and since then has worn many hats including Development Director and Pledge Producer. Rick has served as Program Manager since 2011 and is currently working on bolstering KVCR's Weekend Showcase with limited series and unique public radio offerings. Hear Rick Dulock weekdays on All Things Considered.

Ben Holland

Ben Holland - Program Manager - KVCR TV

Ben Holland is the Program Manager for KVCR and also helps out with programming and operations for FNX. He was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Placentia, California received a bachelor’s degree in Radio / Television from Southern Illinois University and currently resides in San Bernardino. He has worked at KVCR since 1995. He is married (no kids yet) and enjoys video games, movies , golf, skydiving, and flying. Ben has a commercial pilot’s license and a skydiving license.


Jerry Rathbun - Director of Engineering and Technology

With more than thirty years of experience with government, ABC, NBC, and PBS affiliates, Mr. Rathbun joins KVCR with certifications by the Society of Broadcast Engineers as a Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist, and a Certified 8-VSB Specialist. Mr. Rathbun is a graduate of Alfred State College where he studied Industrial Technology - Electronic Specialization.

Lillian Vasquez

Lillian Vasquez - Marketing Coordinator

Lillian Vasquez reports, produces and hosts a variety of programs for both stations. You may often see her on KVCR TV or hear her on radio during the "membership drives" encouraging viewers  and listeners to become members. She also is the KVCR Autism Initiative Manager.

David Fleming - Producer - KVCR FM

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 20 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on Diane Rehm, Here & Now, Talk of the Nation, BBC World Briefing, and Marketplace.

joe roberts

Joe Roberts - Chief Engineer KVCR TV and FM

Joe Charles Roberts has 37 years of experience in the field of Broadcasting TV & Cable. He worked in cable TV building cable Headends and cable plants across the state of Iowa as Plant Manager for Mediacom LLC. The next chapter took him to ION Media Networks Burbank, CA as Chief Engineer for KPXN. He has now proudly move on to KVCR TV 26 & FM 91.9. As Chief Engineer Joe is looks forward to working with the Staff of KVCR PBS NPR and the new network First National Experience Network (FNX).

Ken Vincent - News Director - KVCR FM

Ken Vincent is a veteran of public radio going back nearly 30 years. He has worked as News Director for public station KTOO-FM/TV and as a news reporter, local program host, producer, announcer, editor, and program engineer for Seattle NPR station KUOW. Hear Ken Vincent weekday mornings on Morning Edition.