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Ebola Patient Will Be Treated In Atlanta Hospital

NPR - 7/31/2014 5:34 PM - The Two-Way

An isolation unit at Emory University's hospital will be used to treat a patient infected with Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 700 people in a recent outbreak in West Africa.

Most Of California Reported To Be In 'Extreme Drought'

NPR - 7/31/2014 4:03 PM - The Two-Way

About 58 percent of California is currently in the worst of the four drought levels used by experts, in conditions normally seen only once every 50-100 years.

Israel And Hamas Agree To 3-Day Cease-Fire, U.N. Says

NPR - 7/31/2014 2:55 PM - The Two-Way

The truce begins Friday morning local time. Envoys will travel to Cairo to negotiate a possible longer peace deal.

When China Spurns GMO Corn Imports, American Farmers Lose Billions

NPR - 7/31/2014 2:45 PM - The Salt

China has been a big and growing market for U.S. corn. But then farmers started planting a kind of genetically engineered corn that's not yet approved in China, and the Chinese government struck back.

As Ebola Surges, CDC Sends Aid And Warns Against Travel

NPR - 7/31/2014 2:44 PM - Goats and Soda

It will take at least three to six months to contain the largest Ebola outbreak in history, the health agency says. Fifty-seven people have died in four days, raising the death toll to 729.

On Either Side Of Gaza, Leaders' Gain Support ? But Blame Game Awaits

NPR - 7/31/2014 1:26 PM - Middle East

Nearly a month into the war in Gaza, pollsters have been taking a look at how attitudes in the region have changed among Israelis and Palestinians.