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Analyst: Response To Russian Incursion Will Be 'Defining Moment' For NATO

NPR - 9/1/2014 1:07 PM - Europe

President Obama heads to Europe this week to take part in the NATO summit. The alliance is weighing how to respond to Russia's incursions into Ukraine.

Economic Impact Of Ebola Crisis Spreads Across Africa

NPR - 9/1/2014 1:07 PM - Africa

Ebola has exposed weaknesses in Africa's health networks and a failure to work together to arrest the spread of the virus. The "not our problem" response is taking an economic toll on the continent.

40 Years After 'Working,' A View From The Driver's Seat

NPR - 9/1/2014 1:07 PM - Radio Diaries

Four decades after Studs Terkel's famous collection of oral histories was published, Radio Diaries revives one of his interviews with Helen Moog, an Ohio taxi driver and grandmother of five.

3 Americans Detained In North Korea Urge U.S. To Secure Their Release

NPR - 9/1/2014 12:18 PM - The Two-Way

The State Department said the men should be released out of humanitarian concern and asked that Kenneth Bae, who has been held for two years, be granted amnesty.

These 5 Crops Are Still Hand-Harvested, And It's Hard Work

NPR - 9/1/2014 11:25 AM - The Salt

Saffron, vanilla, palm oil, cacao and cottonseed oil are still picked by hand in some parts of the world. Sometimes that manual labor shows up in the price of the food; sometimes it doesn't.

The Flight Of The Passenger Pigeon, Now 100 Years Extinct

NPR - 9/1/2014 11:15 AM - The Two-Way

Passenger pigeons were once the world's most abundant bird, but they were also the cheapest protein available. The last passenger pigeon, Martha, died exactly a century ago at the Cincinnati Zoo.