Brown Skeptical of LAO's Higher Revenue Projections

Published On : 5/23/2013 10:20 AM
By : Ben Adler
From : CCN
Categories : Local, State
Brown Skeptical of LAO's Higher Revenue Projections

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California Governor Jerry Brown is dismissing calls from Democrats to increase spending after the state’s non-partisan legislative analyst’s office projected higher budget revenues than he did.

Speaking to the California Chamber of Commerce today (WEDNESDAY) in Sacramento, the governor said it’s too risky to spend money that might never materialize.

“One thing we know about economists – they can’t predict the future. Somehow, we have to plug in a number. But that’s not money you can spend!”

The L-A-O believes California will bring in slightly more than three billion dollars above what the governor projects in his updated budget proposal. Legislative Democrats are expected to call for some limited spending increases when they release their budget proposals as soon as tomorrow

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