TV Campaign Seeks to Shed Light on Uninsured People Under Federal Health Law

Published On : 3/18/2013 9:28 AM
By : Pauline Bartolone
From : NPR
Categories : Local, State

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A media campaign is trying to bring attention to the Californians who will remain uninsured when new health coverage under the Affordable Care Act begins.

People watching TV in Los Angeles and Sacramento may see these undocumented young people during commercial breaks:

“Many of us don’t have health care… Cannot get health insurance... Going to the doctor is just something foreign to us... Now our country has spoken…Saying that everyone should have affordable health care. ..Does that everyone, everyone?”

The ads focus on people who are excluded from the health law because of their immigration status. But the media campaign is trying to shed light on the overall Californian population who may remain uninsured. A UCLA Center for Health Policy Research study suggests three to four million Californians may be left without coverage when the federal health law is fully implemented. Shana Alex Lavarreda from the Center says only a fraction of them will be undocumented.

“Many of them will actually be eligible for expansions. It’s just that they aren’t enrolling for reasons of either outreach, or not being able to navigate the systems. Or other difficulties.”

The California Endowment pays for the TV ads. It proposes that county-run health programs provide preventive services to those who may slip through the cracks during the federal health overhaul.

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