March Field Air Museum opens new Space Exhibit

Published On : 3/5/2013 11:46 AM
From : KVCR
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Curator Jeff Houlihan stands in the center of the We Choose Space exhibit at the March Air Museum in Riverside March 3, 2013. The exhibit is on loan from NASA and features many items from the Space Race era and includes the Discovery Dome Planetarium Show. The special engagement runs through March 30. GABRIEL LUIS ACOSTA/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

On loan from NASA, the Discovery Dome will be displayed in the museum’s main hangar with hourly shows until the end of March. The planetarium program was developed by the Houston Museum of Science. There is a small fee to view the shows over and above regular museum admission.

Over the past several years the museum has acquired a great variety of shuttle and space related artifacts in a competitive process with the General Services Administration. These items are being exhibited in the new “Mission Control” area which opened over the weekend. Consoles from the Kennedy Space Center used in shuttle launches, samples of shuttle tiles, space gloves and other memorabilia are all new parts of the exhibit which now features artifacts from over 50 years of space exploration. Now on display- over 70 artifacts from NASA and selections from the Glick Soviet Space collection, artifacts from the Apollo Moon flights and a High Altitude Flight Suit worn by legendary CIA U-2 pilot, Al Rand.

The exhibit also includes three flight simulators and 10 video screens telling the story of space exploration from the early years of rocketry through the race to the Moon, the International Space Station and NASA’s Space Shuttle program.

March Field Air Museum is located at Van Buren and the 215 Freeway and borders March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County. Information about the exhibits and more is online at MARCHFIELD.ORG.

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