Look for Different Tone in Brown's State of the State Address

Published On : 1/24/2013 9:09 AM
By : Ben Adler
From : NPR
Categories : Local, State

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California Governor Jerry Brown gives his annual State of the State address today morning. As Ben Adler reports from Sacramento, it’s likely to be a very different speech from previous years.

When Jerry Brown gave his State of the State address in 2011, California had a 25 billion dollar deficit.

“California faces a crisis that is real and unprecedented.”

Last year at this time, the deficit was nine billion.

“So we’re left with unfinished business: closing the remaining gap.”

Now, with California’s economy improving and Brown’s Proposition 30 tax measure providing some extra income, that gap is basically gone. Which means that at long last, the governor can begin to look beyond the budget. He’ll likely push his plan to overhaul the state’s education funding system. He could discuss the proposed tunnel underneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to send water to Central and Southern California.

And he might well renew his repeated calls to change the state’s major environmental law that deals with development projects.

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