Sequester Could Spell $23 Million in Cuts to California Health, Social Programs

Published On : 2/28/2013 8:54 AM
By : Pauline Bartolone
From : CCN
Categories : State, Local

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The White House suggests health and social programs in California could lose at least 23 million dollars this year if spending is cut through the federal sequestration. Health Care Reporter Pauline has more from Sacramento.

A White House report says if Friday’s sequester cuts are triggered, California would have less money to prepare for public health threats from disasters or infectious disease. Thousands of kids would go without vaccines, and disadvantaged children would lose access to child care.

Dr. Paul Phinney with the California Medical Association says medical research and food safety will be hit, but the sequester cuts endanger a variety of programs.

“Many of those affect the availability of services that help keep our population healthy and safe.”

The White House also estimates California would lose over five million dollars for senior meal services like Meals on Wheels. Substance abuse treatment and HIV testing would also lose millions. Chris Hoene of the California Budget Project says the federal cuts come on top of difficult state budget years.

“This is just another hit, right, it makes it even harder to recover from the recession, it makes it even harder to provide services to folks who are still trying to deal with the wake of the recession in their own households.”

Hoene says California may start to feel the cuts starting April 1st.

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