City Of San Bernardino Close To Hiring A New City Manager

Published On : 2/14/2013 4:56 PM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local

The City of San Bernardino may be close to hiring a new city manager, which it desperately needs to help guide it through bankruptcy. KVCR’S Ken Vincent reports. 

The San Bernardino City Council has called a special closed session meeting tomorrow morning, with the agenda listing a single personnel item: a new city manager.

Current Acting City Manager Andrea Travis Miller is departing next week to start a new job.

San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris and the City Council have placed a high priority on getting a new manager on board by next week to help guide the effort to convince a federal bankruptcy judge to allow the city to restructure its debts to its many creditors. Facing a multi-million dollar deficit, San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy protection last summer.

Since then, city personnel have been fleeing, and the new city manager will have to fill important top management vacancies in the Departments of Finance, Human Resources, Public Works, Refuse, and the city Fire Chief. Other turmoil facing the new San Bernardino city manager includes public safety unions seeking to sue the city for unilaterally imposing cuts to pay and benefits.

Also, CalPers – the state public employees retirement system – wants to sue San Bernardino for missing months’ of pension payments on the city’s 150 million dollar pension debt.

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