Mexico Improving Education

Published On : 4/25/2013 8:00 AM
By : Justine Bentley
From : KVCR
Categories : State, Local

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More days in the classroom may not equal more learning in Mexico. Mexico and other Latin American countries are struggling to improve the quality of education for primary school students. KVCR’s Justine Bentley has the story.

UC Riverside economists have researched that extending the length of the school year in Mexico and other Latin American countries would do little to improve the student performance on standardize tests.

Researchers also found that such policies have the unintentional result of widening the achievement gap between students in poverty-stricken communities and those who attend more prosperous schools.

Assistant Professor of Economics, Jorge Agüero, mentions the study is the first to examine the entire student population of primary public and private schools in Mexico (and the first in Latin America) from third grade through sixth grade.

Results of the three-year study, “Test-Mex: Estimating the Effects of School Year Length on Student Performance in Mexico,” will be made available in the Journal of Development Economics. The study is also available online.

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