Race for Riverside Mayor Heats Up

Published On : 10/24/2012 10:35 AM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local, State

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Less than 2 weeks before the election, the race for mayor of Riverside is heating up. Up until recently, current Riverside City Councilman Rusty Bailey and Former City Councilman Ed have been civil and polite with one another at joint appearances and candidate forums. But then a few weeks ago the tone of the race changed. It started when a resident of Riverside who is also a frequent critic of the city council filed an ethics complaint against Rusty Bailey.

The complaint filed by Vivian Marino alleges that in his Government Class that Bailey teaches at Poly High School, the candidate made some derogatory comments about Marino and other critics who frequent city council meetings. Press Enterprise’s Alicia Robinson explains:

“The complaint alleged that he showed a video of city council meeting and made some insulting remarks about some of the people at the meeting, and she also alleged that he was essentially using his class to try to promote his mayoral campaign to his students. Rusty has denied disparaging anybody, and he has kinda fired back alleging that the complaint is politically motivated, that it was filed by the supporters of his opponent Ed. Now Vivian Marino who is the resident who actually filed the complaint told me that she is supporting Ed for Mayor but that is not connected to her filing the complaint at all. Ed has also denied any involvement by his campaign in the filing of the ethics complaint.”

And Robinson said that is not the only campaign related dispute that has recently upped the temperature of the Riverside Mayor’s race, Ed is denying a charge by Rusty Bailey that since left the council five years ago, his civil engineering firm has benefited unduly from city contract.

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