California Second to Texas in Number of Uninsured Kids, Study Shows

Published On : 10/25/2012 10:16 AM
By : Pauline Bartolone
From : CCN
Categories : State, Local

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An analysis of U.S. census data shows California is making progress in insuring children. But the state has the second highest number of uninsured kids in the nation.

The Georgetown University report shows almost three quarters of a million California children had no coverage in 2011 – that makes the state second only to Texas in the number of uninsured kids.

But the percent of uninsured children in California has dropped slightly in recent years. Suzie Shupe from California Coverage and Health Initiatives says that’s terrific. But she says, more work must be done to cover kids who are uninsured.

“At the personal level for that family it’s a tragedy. But for the state, what’s so important is that moving forward we have a strong workforce and a strong and healthy population, and getting all of our kids enrolled in health insurance will make that a reality.”

Shupe says most of the uninsured California kids are eligible for public health programs.

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