Brown Starts First Prop 30 Campaign Swing in Two Months

Published On : 10/17/2012 8:53 AM
By : Ben Adler
From : NPR
Categories : Local, State

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California Governor Jerry Brown hits the campaign trail again in support of his November tax initiative.

For the first time since August, California Governor Jerry Brown is back on the campaign trail touting his November sales and income tax initiative.

“Yes on 30! Yes on 30!”

At a lunchtime rally at UCLA, Brown challenged the crowd of students to help end the state’s persistent budget deficits:

“Proposition 30 is an opportunity for the people themselves not only to fix California but to send a message to the rest of the country that we as a people can invest together in our schools and our community colleges and in the great University of California.”

But Aaron McLear with the No on 30 campaign says voters should force the governor and state lawmakers to make better budget decisions:

“Go back to the drawing board. Prioritize education over your pay raises, your bullet train, your pensions. And make sure that we’re getting the money to the right place.”

Brown faces a tougher task than he did during his last campaign swing. Prop 30 still leads in the polls, but it’s slipped of late and is now hovering at around 50 percent support.

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