California Governor Signs Bills Aimed At Helping College Students

Published On : 9/28/2012 11:25 AM
From : CCN
Categories : Local, State

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A number of bills designed to help California?s college students were signed into law yesterday

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation he says is aimed at helping college and university students plan for school and afford it.

One bill is aimed at addressing concerns of ever-increasing student fees at colleges and universities with little advance notice. Governor Brown signed legislation that’s intended to improve communication between UC Regents and students --- ideally to give families more time to financially prepare.

And because the cost of textbooks can be high, the Governor signed legislation that would set up open source digital textbook library. Students could access books for free, or print them for 20-dollars. Another bill signed into law supporters called the “Student Athlete Bill of Rights.”

Under that bill, students who lose an athletic scholarship because of injury would receive an academic scholarship instead. And low-income student-athletes would get help paying for health insurance premiums.

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