Brown Signs Bills on Elections Child Abuse and More

Published On : 9/25/2012 11:08 AM
From : CCN
Categories : Local, State

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed more than a dozen bills that deal with elections and the political process.

That includes a measure that makes Election Day voter registration legal in California. It was authored by Democratic Assemblyman Mike Feuer

“Unlike what’s happening in other states in the country, where legislatures are taking steps to suppress voter turnout, here in California we’re doing everything we can to encourage voters.”

Another bill signed into law on monday will charge a fee to lobbyists that will go towards fixing and modernizing the Secretary of State’s campaign finance disclosure website.

Meanwhile, Brown also approved another dozen-or-so bills that deal with domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. Several of those respond to the Penn State football scandal by increasing the number of people required to report accusations of child abuse.

The governor has until midnight Sunday to act on the remaining bills still on his desk.

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