San Bernardino Citizens Forum Organize Meeting With Candidates

Published On : 11/2/2012 2:36 PM
From : KVCR
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A San Bernardino citizens’ activist group tomorrow will host a public meet-and-greet with candidates running for various offices around San Bernardino County.

The Concerned Citizens Coalition of San Bernardino has most recently been acting as an ad-hoc watchdog group in the wake of the City of San Bernardino’s bankruptcy. Now, the group says it wants to expand what it calls “the voice of the people” into this year’s election.

The Chair of the Concerned Citizens Coalition, Richard Castro, says they’ve invited candidates running for the 31st Congressional district, San Bernardino County Supervisor, and state Senate and Assembly races. Castro says tomorrow’s event is also one of the only chances for voters to meet and ask questions of candidates running for the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees.

Sb citizens forum NEWS CUT 1 :25 “They service the young people that are having the biggest concerns right now: raising tuitions, paying back loans that they have to take out to meet those tuitions. They want to make sure jobs are there and that everything’s there. It’s just a good way of them, I guess you could say, being held accountable for their record. But it also gives the people that are in that community college district a good chance of voting for the people that they feel are going to do the job for them.”

The free public meet-and-greet will be held tomorrow from 3 to 6 p-m at the Norman Feldheym [feld-hime] Library, at 6th and E Streets in downtown San Bernardino.

For more information, click here to find their Facebook page. 

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