Incumbents Lose in Local Elections

Published On : 11/7/2012 12:41 PM
From : KVCR
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Inland Empire voters handed upsets to some high-profile incumbents.

In the new 35th Congressional district, which includes portions of San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties, Longtime Democratic incumbent Member Of Congress Joe Baca was beaten by a fellow Democrat, State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod. McLeod scored 56 percent to Baca’s 44 percent… McLeod will replace Baca in Congress.

In Riverside County, in the 36th Congressional district which represents Hemet and the Coachella Valley, Democratic challenger Raul Ruiz has apparently beaten incumbent Republican Mary Bono Mack. Ruiz is a physician and a dean at the new UC Riverside School of Medicine; Bono Mack was appointed to the seat 12 years ago after her husband Congressman Sonny Bono died, and she held the seat until last night, when Ruiz chalked up 51percent to Bono Mack’s 49 percent.

Also in Riverside County, the new 41st Congressional district will be represented by a Democrat. Teacher Mark Takano beat Republican John Tavaglione 56 to 44 percent. At a Democratic victory party last night, Takano was surrounded by excited supporters:

“They were just very excited at the possibility that they will have a Democrat represent them.”

Takano will go to Congress, while Tavaglione will have to remain on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

Bob Buster may not keep his job as a Riverside county Supervisor. As of the latest update, Buster was in a 50-50 fight with termed-out Assemblyman Kevin Jefferies for the supervisor’s seat.

And in San Bernardino County, San Manuel Tribal Chair James Ramos beat incumbent County Supervisor Neil Derry by nearly 20 points; 59 to 41 percent.

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