San Bernardino City Clerk Election Goes Before Judge

Published On : 5/8/2012 3:11 PM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local

The results of the February runoff election between city clerk candidates Gigi Hanna and Amelia Sanchez-Lopez showed Hanna beating Sanchez-Lopez by two votes.

Sanchez Lopez paid for a recount, the results of which showed Hanna beating Sanchez-Lopez by six votes. In the meantime, San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Michael Scarpello disqualified nearly 70 ballots because the signatures on the ballots didn’t match the signature of the voters that the registrar had on file.

Supporters of Sanchez Lopez then went out and collected affidavits from those voters swearing that they had voted in the election, and that their votes should be counted. Because the affidavits came in after the votes were counted, County Registrar Scarpello said state law did not require him to consider the affidavits.

A Los Angeles-based law firm then volunteered to represent the voters whose votes were disqualified. According to San Bernardino Sun reporter Ryan Hagen, “This Los Angeles-based law firm filed a lawsuit and is saying that a number of those ballots should be counted, possibly changing the results of the election.”

Now, that case goes before San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Donna Gunell Garza in a hearing scheduled for Thursday . If the judge rules that Registrar Scarpello should have made an effort to give those voters a chance to correct their disqualified ballots, the San Bernardino City clerk’s election would be up in the air again… in spite of the fact that Gigi Hanna was sworn into office and has been on the job as San
Bernardino city clerk for two months.

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