Riverside county's gravel pit returns to the table

Published On : 7/26/2012 4:01 PM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local

A proposed gravel strip mine near Temecula that Riverside County Supervisors once voted not to approve - is now back on the table.

Last year’s proposal to develop the Liberty Quarry gravel pit on 400 acres between Temecula and the San Diego County Line, inflamed passions among critics and supporters. After months of debate and several long, contentious public hearings, a divided Riverside County Board of Supervisors vote this spring to deny the quarry proposal.

But now, Granite Construction Company says it will try again to get Supervisors to approve the gravel pit project. Press Enterprise columnist Cassie MacDuff says the company is coming back with what it calls a smaller, more environmentally friendly plan for the quarry:

“It would curtail the hours of operation; it would take a little bit less gravel, it would operate for only 45 years instead of 75, and things like that. Of course, one of the concerns, or several of the concerns include the truck traffic that would be generated, and also the dust and the noise.”

Last May, when Riverside County Supervisors voted to reject the open-pit mine, they also went ahead and certified the company’s environmental report, which critics then said would leave the door open for the quarry proposal to come back. Now it looks like it will be back, and in the meantime, The city of Temecula tells the press enterprise that it will sue to try to block further efforts to revive the Liberty Quarry project.

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