Hot weather ahead in Inland Empire

Published On : 7/9/2012 2:14 PM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local

Hot weather is expected to plague the Inland Empire all week, with temperatures hitting the triple digits in many local areas.

The National Weather Service says a high pressure system lodged just northeast of California will generate a warming trend that will cause temperatures in Southern California this week to be 8 to 12 degrees above average for this time of year. Temperatures are expected to peak between 95 and 105 degrees in the inland valleys, 90 to100 in the mountains below 6,000 feet and 75 to 90 in the higher elevations. In the San Bernardino County high desert, temperatures are expected to be between 100 and 110, and in Riverside County’s Coachella Valley, temperatures will soar to between 115 and 120.

Furthermore, the Weather Service says by midweek, monsoon conditions could generate showers and thunderstorms in the region, slightly lowering temperatures but increasing humidity levels.

In the meantime, residents are urged to avoid strenuous outdoor activity, if possible, and are being warned not to leave children or pets in an enclosed vehicle, even briefly. Riverside County has designated a number of cool centers for Inland Empire residents susceptible to heat, where water, snacks and activities will be provided free of charge. Google ‘Riverside County Cool Centers’ to find locations and other heat-related information.

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