Construction Begins on 91 Freeway

Published On : 7/3/2012 12:11 PM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local

A year-and-a-half-long construction project on the 91 freeway between Riverside and Corona has begun. As the construction progresses through the summer, commuters could face some slow driving.

The project will add new HOV lanes, new on-and-off ramps and, in some places, work on overpasses that cross the 91. The city of Riverside is concerned reconstruction of the 14th Street Bridge could affect not just commuters, but also businesses downtown

“We have a lot of businesses downtown, so we hope the businesses would work with their employees and notify their vendors for deliveries for the upcoming changes so they don’t get caught off guard.”

Cindie Perry is a public information officer with the City of Riverside:

“We’d also like to ask, or suggest maybe, that people modify their work schedules. As little as 15 minutes earlier arrival can make a huge difference in the volume of traffic on one particular route.”

The City of Riverside has a map of suggested alternate routes to get around parts of the 91 freeway construction. You can find that map and other information about the project at the city’s website,

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