Coachella Fest Moving?

Published On : 7/9/2012 9:45 AM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local, Arts

The Coachella Valley city of Indio is trying to repair its relationship with the producers of the world-famous Coachella Music and Arts Festival, after Coachella’s promoters threatened to move its giant music festival weekends out of Indio.

The City of Indio is backing away from efforts to try to attach a city tax to ticket sales for both the Coachella Music Festival and the Stagecoach Country music festival, what are often ranked as two of the best and most popular music festivals in the country, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to the desert every April. 

Indio City Councilman Sam Torres said this week that he would suspend activity on a proposed ballot initiative that would tack a six percent impact tax, amounting to about 18 dollars added to the cost of a 200-to-300-dollar weekend pass to Coachellafest and Stagecoach.                                                                                

This after the L-A based promoter of the festivals, Goldenvoice Productions, threatened that 2013 would be the last year for the music festivals in the polo fields Indio if the ticket tax measure made it onto the ballot. Goldenvoice President Paul Tollett said if such a tax were approved, 2013 would be the last year for Coachella and Stagecoach in Indio. Tollet claims the company would plan a hiatus for 2014, and resume the festivals at a different venue in 2015.

Now that Indio has abandoned the ticket tax idea, city officials are waiting to hear if Goldenvoice will drop its threats to move the festivals.

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