Openly Carrying An Unloaded Gun in Pubic Might Become Illegal in California

Published On : 8/30/2012 11:03 AM
From : KVCR
Categories : Local

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Legislators have sent to the desk of Gov. Brown a ban on openly carrying unloaded shot guns or rifles in public. The measure follows a similar ban approved last year on openly carrying unloaded hand guns in public. Republicans strongly oppose the bill.

Assemblyman Tim Donnely, Republican from San Bernardino county says many Californians are simply expressing their fundamental right.


“They are not criminals. Do not criminalize those Americans because they believe in the second amendment.”

But Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Foyer, a Democrat says openly carrying a gun is a threat to public safety.

“Loaded… Unloaded… nobody knows when the rifle is at the side of someone carrying it in public. Police chief support the bill. We should too.”

The measure narrowly passed the assembly after an hour long debate. It now goes to Gov. Brown. We’ll see whether or not he signs it.

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