San Bernardino-based Supermarket Donates to State Parks

Published On : 4/16/2012 3:16 PM
From : KVCR
Categories : Business, Local, State

San Bernardino-based Stater Bros. Supermarkets are involved in helping many Inland Empire community endeavors.


One of the favorites of President and CEO Jack Brown is an annual effort between Stater Bros., its partner Coca-Cola, and customers.  Jack Brown says Stater Bros.’ “Preserve Our Parks” campaign donates and collects funds to help maintain state parks, clean up Southern California beaches, and plant trees in our local forests.


“I know we have a budget crisis, but whether there was a budget crisis or not, you know, at Stater Bros. we say you do the right thing for the right reasons.  And what we’re doing here with our partners Coca Cola is the right thing, because the forests – particularly because of fires and floods – need to be reforested.  And the right reason is so that future generations can enjoy what we’ve had,” said CEO Jack Brown in a recent interview with KVCR’s Ken Vincent. 


In the four years since it started, the “Preserve Our Parks” campaign has raised nearly 2-million dollars for habitat restoration, beach clean-up, and forest restoration.  The month-long fundraising campaign continues through April 24th


You can find out how to help at any Stater Bros. supermarket, or online at

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