Riverside County Approves Benefits for County CEO

Published On : 4/18/2012 12:57 PM
Categories : Business, Local, State

Riverside County Supervisors Tuesday approved a compensation and benefits package for the County’s new Chief Executive Officer, Jay Orr

Supervisors last week tapped Orr to replace former County C-E-O Bill Luna, who resigned last fall. Orr is a 25-year veteran of Riverside County government, having been assistant district attorney, then head of the county Code Enforcement Department, and then having served as Bill Luna’s assistant county executive officer.

The Press Enterprise reports that Orr will get a 15 percent raise going from assistant executive to chief executive officer, making a base salary of just over 275-thousand dollars a year, the same as Luna was making when he left. Supervisors also approved a deferred compensation and benefits package that will bring Orr’s total compensation to more than 350-thousand dollars a year. Riverside County officials say that puts Orr in the median for C-E-O compensation among nine comparable California counties.

Meanwhile, at the same meeting Tuesday, Riverside County Supervisors approved a new contract with managers in the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office that cuts their pay by ten percent over the next two years, in exchange for cost of living raises later in the decade.  

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