Polly Frost: She MIGHT be near you soon!

Published On : 4/23/2012 2:07 PM
From : KVCR
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David Fleming

I was first able to interview Polly Frost for her one-woman show, "How to Survive Your Adult Relationship With Your Family" at The Canyon Crest Winery in Riverside. Before she contacted me - I must admit - I thought her name was a bit familiar - but I didn't quite know who she was. I shoulda - given my interests - and now I'm glad I DO.

Want an introduction...and more? Go to pollyfrost.com...or just click HERE

How To Survive Your Adult Relationship With Your Family, while comedic, is not standup comedy. Polly has a number of standup comic friends, and said that this wasn't what she wanted to do for her show. The show combines storytelling, survival tips, and observations. TRULY - observations. I brought up how David Mamet picked up on dialect so well from taking notes, quietly, in a coffee shop. And that some of Tina Fey's best Sarah Palin bits came directly from the transcripts - not the writers, per se.

Polly said that some of the stories are indeed close to being "transcripts" and that to write the best "material"...all you really have to do is quietly take notes. She wrote the show because she discovered that "...no matter how much you've come to terms with your childhood - no matter how much therapy you've had - it won't prepare you for the surprising ways in which your adult relationship with your family can change..." and that some people can change quite dramatically.

At some of her performances, she's seen people laugh, cry...then laugh again. At first, when seeing this, Polly thought she should possibly pull back just a bit. After encouragement - FROM audience members - she knows that this type of interaction is JUST what's called for.

As you'll see from Polly's website she's not just a performer. She's a published author, playwright, and was part of the team to create TheFold.tv. Along with husband Ray Sawhill, and Matt Lambert, they in essence took EVERY idea they had brought to the table...and kept ALL of them. With this, you have a man with Aspergers...who is also a time-traveller. Without making fun of folks with aspergers OR time-travelling abilities, you now have something that's part sci-fi, part sex comedy...and part art movie. This was created on a budget of some 8,000 dollars and was released as a 6-part web series.

There are quite of few OF Polly's books to choose from. Among them - erotica. One of the things that Ray said when talking about TheFold.tv, is that regarding sex in the movies...there's either mainstream...or porn...nothing in between (speaking of which, she DID get a rather nice endorsement from Ron Jeremy for her erotica collection, Deep Inside). Polly, Ray, and Matt all have an appreciation for the '60's - into the '70's - "sexploitation", horror and sci-fi. Things like Barbarella, Roger Corman films, Japanese "pink" movies, and "Japanamae". She was surprised when I mentioned a couple names. Names like Jess (Jesus) Franco and Tinto Brass. More than surprised. QUITE pleased. The three of them are all big Franco fans, and just the mention of this niche director made it clear that we were indeed on the same wave. LIKE Franco, Polly's erotica goes beyond just sex. It delves into the supernatural. And horror. And, of course, humor.

Well before our conversation was over, I felt that rather than some interview...with some person...at some venue, I was just hangin' with a friend. I SO look forward to her performance at Canyon Crest, followed by dinner, some wine...and continuing the conversation.

Folks - I've just barely scratched the surface. Go to her website, pollyfrost.com. Beyond tour dates for her current show, there is SO much there.

Ya better bookmark it.

And see? I sometimes CAN go beyond The Human Canvas, and back to amazing authors, performers and players. Or in this case all of the above!

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