Cal State San Bernardino President Set to Retire this Summer

Published On : 4/24/2012 12:08 PM
Categories : Local

The President of Cal State San Bernardino, Dr. Albert Karnig, is wrapping up his last couple of months in the President’s Office. Karnig will retire as CSUSB President this summer. In his fifteen years leading the campus, Karnig says he’s most proud of rising student retention and achievement percentages, increased financial aid to students, a number of new and renovated buildings on campus, and CSUSB’s enhanced reputation for academic excellence. Dr. Karnig has also had some disappointments during his tenure.

One, he says, is that so many young people from around the Inland Empire have either been unable or unwilling to take advantage of the benefits of a local university education. “I mean still, we have among the lowest college-going rates anyplace,” said Karnig. “We have in the population of the Inland Empire the smallest percentage of college graduates of any metropolitan area of 1-million-or-more in the United States. And that’s connected to the fact that we have the second-highest unemployment rate in the United States; those two things are very, very, tightly bound together - levels of education and employment.”

On the other hand, Karnig is proud of the President’s Academic Excellence Scholarship, which is targeted toward recruiting the top one percent of graduates in high schools throughout San Bernardino County. Karnig says the scholarship has helped lure some 150 of the county’s best students to Cal State San Bernardino.

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