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7/8/2014 8:30 AM | Ken Vincent | KVCR |

John Husing, the Chief Economist for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, tells KVCR's Ken Vincent why he thinks federal and state efforts to improve the habitat of the endangered Santa Ana River Sucker fish is stifling the construction industry in the IE.

7/7/2014 6:30 AM | Matt Guilhem | KVCR |

We conclude our four-part series, "Redlands: Waiting For Change," with a conversation with a long-time downtown Redlands restaurateur.  Martha Green, owner of the eatery, "Doughlectibles" and "The Eating Room," talks with KVCR's Matt Guilhem about the changes she's seen in downtown Redlands in recent years.

7/6/2014 7:30 AM | Ken Vincent | KVCR |

Savory Road host Jeff Baker visits Ontario's Drake Family Farms, where European-style goat cheese is made right here in the Inland Empire.

7/2/2014 7:30 AM | Matt Guilhem | KVCR |

Southern California environmental communities are up in arms about a state  proposal to change the rules governing hydraulic fracturing -- fracking -- for oil and gas in California.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports.

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