AUTISM: Oh, The Possibilities #3


Autism: Oh, The Possibilities is produced in four parts, each with a specific focus.

Segment One: Autism: Early Signs and Signals

This segment will focus on the important social emotional milestones and tracking healthy development. It will help to recognize and evaluate whether or not the baby is meeting the milestones.

Segment Two: Autism: Possible Causes This segment will examine both sides of the literature and dialogue currently available on possible causes and the possible link between vaccines in infancy and Autism. Understanding possible causes will assist in prevention and early detection.

Segment Three: Autism: Possible Intervention This segment will look at an intervention option available to parents and families. It includes an interview with Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D. who discusses Developmental, Individual Difference and Relationship-Based (DIR) intervention for children with ASD. This segment includes an interview with a mother of two autistic children. Her early action made a substantial positive difference in the health of her children.

Segment Four: Autism: Possible Futures

This segment will focus on a program at Marshall University, which is one of only a few colleges in the country, who focus is to help students with autism succeed in college.

About the Producer: The producer is the mother of a 12-year old autistic boy. This is her 5 project on the subject of autism. Her focus is to provide information for parents, educators, physicians, to learn by and to continue spreading awareness on the subject of autism.

The cost of the DVD is $20. You may also call (909) 384-4350 to place an order.

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