KVCR Autism Night

KVCR will present a night of programming on autism beginning at 8:00pm with our local show “Autism: Looking Forward”

8:00 Autism Looking Forward California unemployment is currently averaging about 8%, however for adults on the autism spectrum, their unemployment rate is estimated 80%. There are currently more than 15,000 adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in California and an estimated 60,000 children expected to reach adulthood within the next ten years. Autism: Looking Forward will discuss this issue and explore new models and ideas to address the problem and share opportunities for employment and vocational options for adults with ASD. The program will also discuss the issues that families with ASD face when traveling.  Travelling by air can be stressful for any family with children, but for families with children with autism the challenges are compounded by extreme behaviors, high anxiety and sensitivity to changes in routine, different smells, sights and other changes in their environment.

9:00 POV “Neurotypical” An exploration of autism is showcased from the point of view of autistic people themselves.

10:00 POV “Best Kept Secret” A high school teacher races to make preparations for her autistic students before graduation.

KVCR Autism Night

Coloring For the Future of Autism

Some of the business in Inland Empire provide an opportunity for you to support families with Autism.

Autism Society Puzzle Piece

By donating $1 at checkout, you may purchase a puzzle piece, sign you name or color it and place it on the wall. Please click here to get the list of participating businesses.

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As part of the grant we made this short video trying to capture all the great things that happened at mini-camp.  I was privileged to watch many children, teens and adults with autism communicate for the first time in ways parents had never imagined.  There were many tears of joy and surprise.  It will be a memory that will stay with me always. Thank you to all the parents and the volunteers who participated in our camps, and to Lillian Vasquez at KVCR for putting this wonderful video together!  I hope this inspires and encourages many others.




To order DVDs on the subject of Autism produced by KVCR, Click Here.

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