As part of the nationwide American Graduate/Corporation for Public Broadcasting project, KVCR is creating and branding programming across all digital platforms to provide education, skills training, and information to at-risk students. The Roadtrip Nation curriculum will be used to engage students in learning the skills they need. Business mentors, soft skills training, interview training, and video tips about preparing for jobs will be made readily available through the web. The pilot program will be then be offered to schools and training partners.

In addition to showcasing new material created for students, teachers, and business workers, KVCR’s American Graduate website will aggregate programs, materials and opportunities available in the Inland area. From the 17 programs available to help students finish their high school work in San Bernardino to Riverside’s award-winning Come Back Kids mentoring program, opportunities will be featured for all students. We will also maintain close contact and relationships with community leaders and partner agencies to raise awareness of the dropout crisis and its societal cost.

Students, once trained, will be paired with businesses, especially smaller entrepreneurs. The final goal of this three-year project is to expand and replicate it in numerous schools and businesses throughout the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside.

Not only will KVCR-TV document the course of this endeavor, but students too will keep video diaries of their experiences which will be posted on the project website. Local teachers will be invited to a town hall meeting to discuss innovative solutions being offered to at risk students.

All of the materials created will be available across all media platforms including mobile telephones for quick and easy access on-the-go.

Student interns are creating the look of the website while maintaining and refreshing content. Their stories will be used as examples of what is available to at-risk students who stay in school and gain essential job skills. Students and graduates will be presenting job tips, academic advice, and general encouragement on a consistent basis to at-risk youth. Business people, academic, and career advisors will also give their tips and advice through video clips. Through our initiative and website, all of this aggregated guidance will be linked to a menu of resources throughout the Inland area.