African Americans - Many Rivers to Cross Parts 3 and 4:

Dr. Gates finds his genealogical research becoming even more difficult as he continues from the Civil War back through the Colonial period of American history. War service records and ways of recording property during slavery's apogee, such as inventories and sales or gifts of slaves, help fill in the participants' family trees. One participant is shocked to learn that an ancestor from this period, though a soldier, was neither African American nor fighting for the Union. Among the others, one, whose ancestors' slaveholders kept meticulous records, is able to visit the actual plantation where her ancestors labored; another obtains detailed records thanks to ancestors that were among the few 19th-century southern African Americans who were born and remained free over generations.

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Ghosts of Amistad:

This documentary chronicles a trip made by academics and historians to Sierra Leone in May of 2013 as they retrace the path of the 53 Africans who rebelled against their captors and seized the slave schooner Amistad in 1839, leading to a watershed US Supreme Court decision. Their goal: to visit the 10 villages where the Amistad rebels once lived; interview the elders about their history and how the incident is remembered; and search for the long-lost ruins of Lomboko, the slave trading factory where the Amistad Africans were incarcerated and loaded onto a slave ship bound for the New World.

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Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival:

In America Bound, Golden Bough the group celebrates America's Celtic heritage with songs of travel, songs of life in the New World, and the American songs that evolved from their Celtic roots.

Tonight at 9:00pm


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