The AUX was nominated for Best Television Program / Promotion of Indigenous Music

Our sister station FNX's Television Series entitled "The AUX" has been nominated for "Best Telivision Program / Promotion of Indigenous Music". Click the banner above to register and vote!


Wolf Hall - Part 4:

Anne gives birth to a baby girl, failing to produce Henry's longed-for male heir. Cromwell demands the nobility and church swear an oath acknowledging Anne as lawful queen, but will Thomas More agree?

Tonight at 8:00pm


The Forsyte Saga - Part 3:

Irene and Bosinney spend time together and, when she comes home late, Soames takes advantage of her unlocked bedroom door. When Irene meets Bosinney the next day, he's furious. As he runs through the foggy streets to confront Soames, he's hit by a cab and killed. Old Jolyon reunites his family and they buy and move to Robin Hill.

Tonight at 7:00pm


Vera - Shadows in the Sky:

In an all new episode: DCI Vera Stanhope is forced to uncover a life of secrets and lies when the body of a well-loved family man plummets from a multi-story car park.

Tonight at 9:00pm


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