Fish Out of Water

Don meets with the women of the Ojibway Cree Cultural Center in northwestern Ontario to meet his ultimate challenge: preparing an annual feast.  Don must learn quickly if he is going to pull off this community feast which brings together both the modern and the traditional tools and techniques required to make these community members happy.

Tonight at 9:00pm

Mixed Blessings

Hank takes on the roles of boss and Father figure when Teresa, a young single mother, joins his team as an apprentice. Tazz feels threatened by the new addition, and during his week off begins to search for a different job.

Tonight at 10:00pm

California's Gold with Huell Howser

Ever wonder what the story is regarding that arrowhead on the southern slope of the San Bernardino Mountains? Over the years it has been the subject of a host of Native American legends. In fact, no other natural landmark in those mountains has been regarded with such awe and wonder. In this adventure, Huell Howser not only travels to the famous Arrowhead itself, but also visit the once world-famous Arrowhead Springs Hotel which was one of the favorite hideouts for Hollywood stars back in the 1940's and 1950's.

Tonight at 7:00pm

KVCR Transmitter is currently off the air

We are currently experiencing problems with our transmitter in San Bernardino and are off the air, except for Dish and DirecTV.  The heavy rains last night have caused certain parts on our microwave link between the TV station and the transmitter to malfunction. It looks like we may be down until Tuesday. That's the soonest the microwave repair company can come out with the proper parts we need. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


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Big Storm Arrives In IE Today, Bringing Heavy Rain, High Wind, Flash Floods, And A Mountain Blizzard

Rain heavy at times, foothill flooding, and veritable blizzard conditions in the mountains will all be part of today's storm as it passes through the...

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Former Palm Springs Mayor, Two Developers, Charged With Bribery And Corruption

Riverside County prosecutors yesterday (Thursday) filed numerous felony bribery, corruption, and conflict of interest charges against Steve Pougnet, the...

PolitiFact Check: Little Truth In OC Lawmaker's Statement Blaming Oroville Dam On Gov. Jerry Brown

Republican State Assemblyman Travis Allen of Huntington Beach recently claimed the Oroville Dam emergency in Northern California was "entirely avoidable...

Inland Empire Braces For Big Storm On Friday

Although you might not believe it looking at Inland Empire weather conditions today (Thursday), some Forecasters say the storm that will barrel through...

Earthquake Safety Part 1: What Might Actually Happen If - When - A Big One Hits

Living on the West Coast has its perks, but it comes at a cost. California is one of the most geologically-active places in North America. KVCR's...

Long List Of Issues Old And New Discussed By Calif. Lawmakers and Visiting Senators From Mexico

Foreign delegations routinely visit the California state Capitol. But with Mexico and the U.S. at odds over certain policies these days, this week's...

California's New State-Run Retirement Plan Facing Peril From GOPs In D.C.

A vote in Congress has imperiled California's new state-run retirement program just as officials prepare to launch it. The U.S. House of Representatives...

In Spite Of Sour Relations With California, Trump Adm. Approves Emergency Funding For Oroville Dam

The Trump administration has approved federal emergency aid funds to help California respond to the aftermath of the Oroville Dam crisis. More from KVCR...

From KVCaRts: Black History Month Concert In San Bernardino

In this excerpt from KVCaRts, KVCR's Rick Dulock interviews Madeline Scully about a Black History Month/Civil Rights concert upcoming in San Bernardino.

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