Ghosts of Amistad:

This documentary chronicles a trip made by academics and historians to Sierra Leone in May of 2013 as they retrace the path of the 53 Africans who rebelled against their captors and seized the slave schooner Amistad in 1839, leading to a watershed US Supreme Court decision. Their goal: to visit the 10 villages where the Amistad rebels once lived; interview the elders about their history and how the incident is remembered; and search for the long-lost ruins of Lomboko, the slave trading factory where the Amistad Africans were incarcerated and loaded onto a slave ship bound for the New World.

Coming February 25


Mastepiece Slumber Party - Endeavour Series 2:

Call your friends, grab some blankets and pillows and get a bowl of popcorn ready, for tonight at midnight KVCR declares Masterpiece Slumber Party. We're showing every episode of the second season of Endeavour. Before Inspector Morse, there was the rookie Constable Morse, fed up with police work and ready to nip his career in the bud by handing in his resignation. That is, until a murder turned up that only he could solve. Shaun Evans (The Take, The Virgin Queen) stars as the young Endeavour Morse, before his signature red Jaguar but with his deductive powers already running in high gear.

Tonight at midnight


Friday History Night:

Friday nights on KVCR are for discovering fascinating stories of history.  At 7:00pm The History Detectives investigate the story behind two African American soldiers pictured on a poster in World War I. Later they investigate a set of business cards that was owned by the father of a man from Washington. Was this man's father a real life Breaking Bad criminal? At 8:00pm, on a new episode of Antiques Roadshow, someone has original sketches from the movie Gone with the Wind. Then, at 9:00pm, on Ultimate Restorations, engineers and artists attempt to reconstruct The Illions Supreme. It was once the largest and most spectacular carousel in the world.  The individual horses are valued in the millions today. Unfortunately this masterpiece faded away under weather and cheap paint and it languished in storage for almost 60 years. Piecing it back together requires engineers and artists alike, but the results are breathtaking.

Tonight at 7:00pm  History Detectives

Tonight at 8:00pm  Antiques Roadshow

Tonight at 9:00pm  Ultimate Restorations


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