The Grateful Dead - Dead Ahead:

Recorded in one of the wonders of the modern world, Radio City Music Hall, on October 30th and 31st of 1980, this luminous concert captured the Grateful Dead at a moment of transformation, when the band took a reckoning of their history through the lens of a marathon run of shows.  The performances on Dead Ahead marked the culmination of a month long musical odyssey in San Francisco and New York City during which the band stretched the boundaries of over 100 songs, from the newly written "Lost Sailor" to jug-band tunes they played in coffeehouses like "Monkey and the Engineer."

Tonight at 8:00pm


Indians and Aliens:

They say some Natives have a connection with those not of this world.  Maybe they're right.  Director Ernest Webb sets out to investigate the growing number of UFO encounters that come from his homeland.  "One thing is certain, with all the stories filtering in from the different communities, from so many different people, something is out there. The question is: what and who?"

All 6 episodes air on October 31 at 5:00pm, exclusively on FNX channel 24.2 (channel 24-2 on Direct TV and channel 471 on Verizon FIOS)

10/29/2014 6:30 AM | Ken Vincent | KVCR

The San Bernardino-based non-profit social services agency Time For Change Foundation is undertaking a get-out-the-vote effort among the area's lower-income, minority, and disadvantaged population.

10/28/2014 7:30 AM | Capitol Public Radio | KVCR

With less than a week until the election, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown is finally out on the campaign trail, and his Republican challenger Neel Kashkari is finally running a schedule of TV ads around the state.  The two candidates for Governor illustrate two completely different political styles.  Our Political Reporting Team from Capitol Public Radio Network has more.